Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've got a job!

I have officially (pending the interview) been placed in an internship for the second half of the semester here in Dublin! It's such a relief. The program heads had told us that we wouldn't find out our internships until we got over here, but once we did, I realized that I was one of a very small group who didn't have a placement yet. Whew, finally I can stop wondering.

I will be working for a quarterly magazine, the Irish Arts Review. Here's the company overview provided in the email:

"First published in 1984, the Irish Arts Review is the definitive journal of art and design in Ireland. Now published four times a year to the highest design and production standards, this beautifully illustrated 150-page review of Irish painting, design, sculpture, architecture, photography and decorative arts is essential reading for lovers of Irish art. With articles written by experts on subjects ranging from pre-history to contemporary, together with artist profiles, critiques of new Irish architecture, interviews with leading Irish artists, designers, sculptors, and photographers, a quarterly diary of events, auctions and exhibitions around the country, the lavishly produced Irish Arts Review is a vibrant and authoritative quarterly review of Irish art and design...Irish Art Review is literally considered to be the Bible of the whole artistic society in Ireland and thus offers a fantastic opportunity for a creative student capable of working on own initiative in a highly rewarding environment with plenty of scope for diversity."

You could say I'm pretty pumped. I feel like this is going to be very fun and so educational to actually be working for a magazine.

Adding to my excitement is the fact that I'm leaving for Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, tomorrow morning with my class. I won't have my computer with me, but rest assured there will be a ridiculous amount of photos to see when I return. Cheers!


  1. Congrats Meghan! The Valley Breeze's loss is the Irish Art Review's gain :) Seriously, the Breeze is not nearly the quality publication it was when you were contributing. Have fun in Galway.


  2. Meghan,
    Your internship sounds so exciting. We're so proud of you!

    Mom and Dad