Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today, about half the group got together to take a bus to Howth, which is a small town on the East Coast. It was a picturesque little fishing village about an hour away, complete with sea lions and fish and chips. I have classes starting tomorrow, so this post is light on text, but enjoy the pictures of the sunset. I did have a video of the sea lion acting quite indifferent to our presence, but it won't load onto my computer for some reason. You probably would have been as bored as he was anyways. I kept waiting for him to do a flip or something. We even through bits of a scone at him to eat, but he rejected us flat out. We'll remember this the next time we invite him over for a mid afternoon snack.

These are a bit chronologically jumbled. Ireland is awesome, but even it can't make the sun set, then rise, then set, then rise again.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful! Have a wonderful first day of classes tomorrow. Love, Mom

  2. Love the posts. Keep the stories coming Meghan. Living vicariously will have to do until we can get there ourselves.--Vikki