Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A cold and windy day

We woke up today to grey. The sky, the buildings, our professor's hair. It was as if forces joined together to collectively slap us in the face, to make us realize that taking classes is indeed the reason that we are here. Everyone moved just a little bit slower today, yawned a few times more than usual.

Lunch was a welcomed break. I successfully made a quesadilla all by myself. I chopped up some red and green peppers and came extremely close to chopping off my thumb in the process, but I was off by a few centimeters, thank God. Then I added them to the cheddar cheese and tortilla I had frying on the stove. It was quite delicious and really easy to make.

So far cooking has gone pretty well, the main problem being sharing a tiny kitchen with nine other people. Our stove's four burners are practically touching one another and we only have enough counter space for two people to be chopping and preparing their food. Plus, the dishes are always in the way. We're constantly washing and drying them, but with 10 people in one suite, a simple lunch means at least a plate, glass and some utensils for everyone. Not to mention that I used a frying pan and spatula, someone else was boiling water on a pot, and the list goes on. And with the lack of counter space, it's hard to do dishes with everyone crowding to just cook. I imagine we'll soon find our grooves and make it work, but until then I'll be resorting to my soccer days of elbow throwing and hip checks to make sure I don't go hungry.

Speaking of which, it's dinner time. Time to suit up and go to battle.

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