Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...and swing!

I've just got back from an hour of Irish set dancing lessons here at school, where I learned to do this dance, the Connemara Set. Though, this group of preteens is a little more on point than we were, I have to say.

Eight of us showed up and it was so much fun! It was also way more of a workout than we had anticipated. Our teacher, who is actually from Atlanta, showed us the steps and we picked them up pretty quickly. Though my favorite part of the class was watching Molly's look of confusion, mouth agape and eyes wide, throughout the beginning of the class.

Since there were seven girls and only one guy, Tara, Colleen and Molly had to take on the role of the man for Eileen, Melissa and I. Tara was my man and she was fabulous.

We will have this class for an hour on each remaining Wednesday we have here. There's only three weeks left, I can't even believe it. We may even go with our teacher to a traditional pub to showcase our moves at some point!

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