Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last night, all the girls on the trip decided to dress to the nines, wearing dresses and heels to go dancing. The guys had all donned suits the night before and had back stories of being 24-year-old investment bankers, record producers, lawyers and even a real estate agent. Well, they did pull off the suits and ties quite well, but the girls certainly could not be shown up. So we all suited up on our own in only the prettiest dresses and shoes, straightened and curled our hair, did our makeup, and looked fabulous.

Then it snowed.

It doesn't snow here. Almost never. Not the kind of snow that sticks to the ground anyways. Usually it's just these tiny balls of hail that kind of look like mini Dippin' Dots. Now, I mean this amount of snow is laughable for a bunch of students from Boston, but we would never have gone out with bare legs in February had we been back home. Nevertheless, we braved the elements and the barrage of snowballs thrown at us by some Irish guys to go out.

It was a nice end to a relaxing weekend, the first one all month where we stayed in Dublin. Friday, I stayed in, watched a movie and made an egg sandwich. It was pretty wonderful. Then yesterday, Marion and I went shopping at Penney's in the city center for some ridiculous bargains and new clothes and shoes. It was a wonderful girls' day out. And today will be spent grocery shopping and writing a sociology essay. And making egg sandwiches because they're delicious.

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  1. Hi Meghan! (It's Laura from the Breeze)
    I told you I'd be reading about your travels!
    Love the blog, and I love the photo you posted as your main pic with the Guinness glass!