Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Current obsessions

Not every day is full of new experiences and exciting adventures, but I've enjoyed incorporating the little aspects of the culture into my daily routine. They may not be the best representation of Irish-ness, but I've embraced them.

Ever since going to Galway and singing this song on the bus and in the pubs, I've been listening to it on repeat. I got the band at one pub to play it after much persuasion and maybe some light flirting, but they were reluctant because it's a bit of a touristy request. Whatever, I'm a tourist and I love it.

Also, the chocolate. Hershey who? Honestly, I have begun a love affair with the Cadbury egg display in the convenience store on campus. Only .75 Euro?! I'll take 12! Yes, Cadbury eggs are available at home, but they're just THE candy here, so they're much more available. And possibly more delicious?

So perhaps neither the chocolate nor the song should be invoking this cultural response from me, but I'm just soaking it all in, enjoying every last bit.

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