Friday, February 26, 2010

All by myself

This weekend is one of travel. Tomorrow, I leave to spend a night in Galway and a night on Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. It was nice to have this entire day off to clean up a bit, pack and catch up on some much needed sleep. But what was truly remarkable was that I had the entire 10 person suite to myself! One roommate went to London, one to Scotland, one to Germany and the rest to Amsterdam, and I've been enjoying the silence ever since this morning.

Now don't get me wrong, I love everyone I live with, but I've come to miss the quiet that living in a single at BU allows me to have. We are together morning, noon and night here and I've made some amazing friends, but having a day to myself was much welcomed. Plus, I had the luxury of using three of the four burners on the stove at one time! Oh, the little things...

Though I did experience a midday freak out, all thanks to my addiction to crime shows like Law & Order: SVU and CSI. I was Skyping with Eileen, when I heard the door to our apartment open and slam. Immediately my heart started pounding since all of my suitemates were out of the country. Plus, I'm all the way in Dublin, how would Grissom ever solve my crime when he's in Las Vegas?! I investigated, with Eileen standing by on the computer, and found that it was only a maintenance man coming to fix Colleen and Tara's blinking bathroom light. Whew, crisis averted.

I took advantage of the lack of foot traffic in the common room to do some major cleaning--doing dishes, cleaning counters, vacuuming and taking out the trash. It's a pretty nice lounge, but would it have killed them to give a room of 10 people more than four burners, one sink and about a foot and a half of counter space?

Unfortunately, seeing as everyone starts trickling back Sunday morning, I estimate this wonderful sight will only last for the next 36 hours at most. Sigh, there's always next weekend.

I'm so excited to be going back to Galway; it's bar none my favorite place in Ireland. I hear the Aran Islands are beautiful, too, so I'm anticipating a lot of picture taking. We're coming back Monday morning before our history class at 2 p.m., so expect an update sometime after that!

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  1. Hi Meg - I hope you don't mind, my dad gave me the link to your blog. I've been keeping up with your travels ... and reliving mine at the same time. I hope you're enjoying Ireland as much as I did.
    Make sure while you're on Innis Mor you go to Dun Angus. It was one of my favorite places in Ireland (only to be topped by Giants Causeway). The scenery was fantastic and very picturesque.

    Have fun! ~Meg O'Brien