Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American TV

Ireland imports most of its television programming from England and the United States, and while some shows are worthy of traveling across the Atlantic Ocean, others are a bit puzzling. Every night around dinner, there are a few episodes of Friends and How I Met Your Mother, which are two acceptable shows. Every day around lunchtime? ABC Family's Wildfire. Yeah, not so much on that one. Judge Judy is also on quite a bit. That woman must be raking in the money.

But this morning's television choices at the gym took the cake. There are three TVs--one is always a morning talk show, one is always sports, and one is always an MTV type channel. Except today. Today, the third TV was airing a rerun of Ricki Lake's Miss Drag Idol II...as in it was popular the first time around to need a second competition.

I really, sincerely hope that the people watching do not think that Ricki Lake's drag queen competition represents American life. Then again, maybe it does.

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