Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello from Boston!

It feels like it has been absolutely forever since I posted something, so this one will be good and have pictures, I promise. 

So what have I been doing the past few weeks? Well I moved into my gorgeous dorm, which the Boston Globe seems to love almost as much as the residents themselves. You can read the praises here, but try to ignore the snarky comments from jealous readers. Yes, we realize how lucky we are and no, we don't expect to live like this ever again in our lives.

Here's a picture of my room, which has (surprisingly) been this clean every single day since I moved in. I even take out the trash and clean the bathroom. I guess I'm finally trying maturity on for size.

I live in an eight-person suite with a common area and two bathrooms. I went in only knowing my good friend Eileen, but I've come to find that all of my suitemates are really, dare I say it, suite. Gah, I'm such a dork!

Anyways, here is a shot of my decorations. 

I've got an Alice in Wonderland picture of Alice doing a fierce walk down the runway, rabbits looking on, as well as two mugs and, of course, a drinking glass with the original illustration of the unbirthday party. I've got a few other odds and ends including my framed four leaf clover and my Beanie Baby "Dublin," who was a gift from my Nana and Grampa. I'm hoping he's my good luck charm to get into the Dublin Internship Program for this spring semester. The application is submitted, so now all I can do is cross my fingers!

And because it's my favorite part of the room, my IKEA bookcase full of books and complete with a magazine holder made out of recycled magazines sitting on top.

So, today was a special day. My good friend, Sydney, finally returned to Boston after transferring back to a school in her home of Washington state after our freshman year. I haven't seen her in over a year, but it seems like time has barely passed.

I went with Alicia to pick up Sydney at the airport, where we really had no clue what we were doing or where we were supposed to go, but Alicia made a beautiful sign for the arrival, so that pretty much makes up for the fact that we can't read maps.

At long last, Sydney and Dactyl are reunited!

We reminisced about our freshman year for the rest of the night, spending some time at Alicia's apartment to cook pasta and collectively inhale every last bit of it. It was so delicious and we were so hungry! 

Oh, and Alicia has a really beautiful, yet Tower of Terror-esque elevator in her apartment building. This is more just a funny picture of Alicia than actually relevant.

It feels so good to have gotten my first blog post up since I've been back. I've been really productive in other aspects of my day-to-day so far, so I'm really going to try to update regularly. 

And it really puts me in a great mood, so I'd be utterly silly to flake.

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