Saturday, September 12, 2009

A productive pause

Since I arrived in Boston at the end of August, I have been strangely motivated and productive. I'm proud of the fact that I wake up early six days a week and head to the gym or the track for at least a half hour of exercise. I take Sundays off and reserve them for sleeping in, feasting on breakfast and doing homework. I'm all signed up for a 5K this November and it really has me excited about getting back into shape. 

I'm also really excited about becoming the arts and entertainment section editor for BU's first lifestyle magazine, The Buzz. The idea came to fruition last semester when two girls in my class came up with the idea to make a magazine that would be distributed on campus and let students know about events, culture, nightlife, fashion, news and all things college related going on throughout Boston and the BU campus. We worked last semester on putting out a mock up issue to shop around to advertisers and this semester, we're working on our first official issue to be put out sometime in December. I was on the writing staff last semester, but I've moved up to section editor this fall. It's been an exciting endeavor to take on and I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

However, my productivity is a distant memory tonight as I've immersed myself in a CSI:Miami marathon on A&E. While this is my least favorite of the CSI's, I'm in such a lazy mood. It feels good to relax for the first time since I've been back. But, even laying in my bed, watching TV, I feel the need to do something useful.

So here I am, blogging the mundane. Another wild and crazy Saturday night. 

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  1. A 5K!!! Good for you! Let us know where and when so we can cheer you on. If not in person, at least in spirit. Love ya.