Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's raining on my Saturday

Quite the appropriate weather for my last day in Rhode Island, no? I don't mean in a gloomy, metaphorical sense, signifying that my summer has come to an end and nostalgia is due to set in as I leave for Boston tomorrow. No, I just mean that the rain will keep my butt inside packing all day, instead of stealing a few last hours of sunshine in order to tan a tiny bit and try and convince people that I really did venture outdoors this summer.

So I should be packing, but of course I'm not. I do everything so last minute. I'd love to be able to justify it, give some proven explanation that I'm really ahead of the evolutionary curve or something, but I can't. I procrastinate and there's nothing else to it. Although, I will say that I feel I do my best work, writing-wise, when I'm under a time crunch. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply for packing. 

Regardless of my enthusiasm to box up my life, I could not be more excited to move back to the city. Call me a dork, but I'm even excited to start classes. I'm taking French, Newswriting & Reporting II, Introduction to Philosophy and Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. The journalism class is the only one that I'm really and truly looking forward to, but I just love taking classes so I'm looking forward to the whole schedule, even the required courses. 

I can't believe it's my junior year of college. I feel like it was yesterday that I moved into my freshman dorm room, ready to explode with jitters about making friends and spending time with my roommate. Both turned out well, I survived and even made a great friend in my roommate. We lived together for two years and are now only a few floors apart.

Here's Tori and I on Day 1, soon to find out that she cleans when she's stressed, and when I'm stressed, I just let the clothes on the floor pile up and the bed go unmade. We may not have been identical personalities, but we did, and still do, have fun.

I can't wait to see her and the rest of my friends. Three and a half months of summer is too long to go on text messages and phone calls alone. We'll start up our TV nights soon enough and all will be restored. I'm looking forward to Grey's Anatomy nights and getting back into the rest of my BU routine: going to the gym, walking to class, eating in the student union and getting "Good Mail" from my Papa and "Mediocre Mail" from my Dad (the latter lacks a certain green currency that the former provides).

If I sat here and listed everything I'm excited for, I would never pack and then, consequently, never leave. So I'm off to eat breakfast and fuel up for the rest of the day. Tea is in order. Yes, I'm definitely going to need some caffeine. 

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