Saturday, August 8, 2009

Remember a while back when I committed to writing more than one post a week? Well, you may have realized that the promise was sort of a wash. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that working three jobs while still trying to maintain some semblance of a social life does not exactly warrant much time for sleep and eating regularly, let alone supporting my new blogging habit in all its vanity. 

Unfortunately, my workout schedule has also fallen by the wayside. I've been running since middle school and absolutely love it. I was captain of the track team in high school, but I definitely wasn't the fastest, nor will I ever be. Running just makes the day better, makes me feel healthier and more energetic. So while it is definitely an important part of my lifestyle, I haven't made the time for it this summer and for that I'm a bit bummed to say the least.

It doesn't help my self-esteem that I recently interviewed a man who lost 194 pounds in one year and his trainer, who has lost 65 pounds herself. (Humor my shameless self-promotion and read part one of the two article project: ) They were so excited to talk about working out and the importance of exercise. I sat there, wondering if they were looking at me, knowing that occasionally carrying a 24-pack of Poland Springs water bottles in from the car is the only reason my biceps are as defined as they are...I kid, but no, really.

So since I don't see anything changing for the rest of August in terms of my schedule, as soon as I get back to Boston I will be starting a workout schedule in which I actually exercise. I am surrendering my excuse gene. My asthma is not that bad and I will be stocking up on yummy, yummy Albuterol just in case. My fall semester schedule can spare an hour a day for the gym. 

But to really commit to getting back in shape, I will be registering to run a 5k. I'm looking at one for November, which would give me 3 months from now to get into shape. The 3.2 miles won't be a problem, I would be able to get through it now even with Yodels and Double Stuf Oreos running through my veins. But I'd rather feel good about myself while doing it, rather than being reminded of my lack of effort. 

Who knows, maybe I can even recruit some of my friends to do it, too. Any takers?

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  1. I'll be doing it with you!!