Thursday, January 13, 2011

One year later

It has officially been one year since the plane touched down in Dublin, and I miss Ireland today more than ever. A lot has changed in a year. I spent time in six different countries in 2010. Six! While being home has been a great comfort, I almost feel like someone has clipped my wings. I just need to get back on a plane and go somewhere, anywhere! Even a crowded hostel has started to look tempting.

But while the nostalgia stings like a fresh cut, I'm overwhelmingly grateful for the time I spent abroad. It has given me this itch to travel and try new things. I want to see the world, and try all of the cuisine along the way! And I have made some amazing friends who I know I will be in touch with for years and years to come.

If I am sure of anything, it is that I will return. There is so much I have yet to see and appreciate and I'm excited to explore new cities and countries. So I'll raise a glass with a Slainte! and cross my fingers that it will be soon.

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