Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread galore

The small army of gingerbread men and women can only mean one thing: it's Christmas and I'm home. More so than eating the cookies, and we all know my penchant for sweets, I enjoy decorating them. I've finally gotten close to my mother's skill level. The poinsettias are among my proudest creations.

And keeping with the season's current fashion trends, I could not help by make a studded stocking.

My mom's girls and boys are perfectly frosted little clones, each one exactly like the next. Literally, they are perfect. It seems an engineering mind is the perfect tool for frosting cookies.

Now that the cookies are done, I'm only a few days away from Christmas Eve, my favorite holiday. I wish everyone a happy holiday and bellies full of good food and delicious desserts!

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